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JetKrazy's Pita Ten Manga Review

Pita Ten

Rated: 9

Pita Ten starts and ends leaving the reader satisfied both times. I just wish it didn't end the way it did (no spoilers, you'll have to read it for yourself). The series is very enjoyable, as it never gets boring (as aforementioned). It is in a way "colorful" (even though it is a black and white manga). You can't help but love every character, even the evil ones. As aforementioned, the humor is placed well in the book, but this section, I am supposed to talk about how good the humor was. Now, the humor was okay, but it seemed like a lot of it was Japanese jokes that couldn't translate very well. There were funny parts, those parts were enjoyable and got a couple of laughs out of me, but the humor doesn't feel satisfactory.

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JetKrazy's Planetarian Game Review

Rated: 9

It's a visual novel. It's a picture, and words that narrate the story appearing at the bottom of the screen. What is there not love about that?

Now, it leads in good, introducing the story, and then the characters. The concept is clearly put: There is a broken robot in a planetarium, and you do stuff with her. The way the story goes on is good too. Reverie is so naive that it is funny sometimes, which is good comic relief, since the story gets quite emotional at points.

Now, there are no choices, so it gets a down for that. You kinda just watch it.

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JetKrazy's Kanon Tv Review


Rated: 10

There were happy times and sad times throughout the series. There were times where you could cry (I know I did) and times when you can laugh with (or at) the characters. There were times when you wish you could reach into the screen and hug the character for whatever reasons (almost broke the screen like that). Kanon overall was very fun to watch. I would watch over and over if I had the chance, but unfortunately, I don't have enough time. The whole story was told very well, one of the best story-tellings I've ever seen anywhere. The story was well paced and plotted out through 13 episodes. I was kind of disappointed that the story was only 13 episodes. Kanon has the potential to be an absolutely amazing 26 episode series.

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JetKrazy's DearS Tv Review

Rated: 8

All in all, DearS was a very enjoyable anime. I liked it a lot, and not because of the artwork. The story was hilarious, the characters were awesome, and the whole thing seemed like it might happen in real life (only might happen). I could watch DearS over and over again, but then I’d get tired of it.

The story was told well, but I think it could have been better. It was definitely interesting to watch the character relationships develop, and to see all of the DearS with their skimpy costumes on!

And so, with that, I end my review, leaving you this piece of advice: Beware the teacher.

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JetKrazy's Puni Puni Poemi Ova Review

Rated: 9

The casing can be desribed as "wow-wow". Have you ever seen a more attractive box cover? It really catches your eye, almost draws your attention away from that "Anyone you can do, I can do better" DVD. The menu was really stright forward, only two episodes, and a language change. No extras, but it was still a good menu. The actual anime was really enjoyable. It was what I would say "hilarity in a bottle". I was laughing thoughout the whole thing, trying to catch every refrence made to any other anime. The whole magical girl thing is pretty obvious, but not presented plot-wise very well. And saving the world, well, it's just so cheesy it works, and it's presented in a such a funny way. The box says that it would be sure to offend you, and it wasn't kidding.

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